Monday, July 7, 2014

Consult NJ Landscapers About Your Yard’s Energy Saving Potentials

"However, trees are still needed for shade and protection from the hot summer sun. Expert NJ landscapers like those in Scenic Landscaping, LLC incorporate trees in landscape designs for this reason, as well as to add beauty and richness to a garden. As to the type of tree to plant, both deciduous and evergreen trees offer benefits. The moderately-dense canopies of the former block winter winds but allow sunlight to pass through. They also change color with the seasons, providing a change in scenery. Native deciduous trees like maple, hickory, beech, and oak should ideally be placed facing north and northwest. "

Saturday, July 5, 2014

NJ Landscape Experts Help Create Memorable Outdoor Dining Experiences

"Pergolas and drapes provide shade and beauty to the outdoor kitchen, but flammable fabric should be kept away from any stove, as specified in the residential code. Pergolas also give you additional options such as installing extra lighting for a cozy ambience. For that unforgettable outdoor dining experience, however, beautiful landscaping, complete with hardscape and flora, is unmatched. Consult NJ landscape services like Scenic Landscaping for an outdoor kitchen design that is safe, functional, and provides a feast to the eyes. "

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Complement Your Dream Swimming Pool in NJ with Beautiful Landscaping

"Well-designed landscaping around a well-built NJ pool isn’t only meant for embellishment and aesthetics. Stones, concrete, and other patio or deck flooring offer safety for swimmers through textured surfaces that can prevent slips, particularly among running children. Bushes and shrubs provide shade when the sun is high. Additionally, outdoor furniture provide visual and physical relief as they blend with the flora. The job of designing and building swimming pools in NJ and adding landscaping are best done by a skilled landscape contractor, such as Scenic Landscaping, which has close ties with a pool building company. Having the right professionals working together on the project better guarantees the kind of finish that will put together all the design elements of the home, the pool, and their surroundings. "

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hire NJ Landscaping Professionals to Avoid Common Landscaping Mistakes

"Besides style and maintenance needs, landscaping also requires the use of specialized tools. These are not just the rakes and vacuums that people can stash in their sheds, but power equipment needed for heavy-duty work. For example, many homeowners would likely not have chippers or log splitters, used to cut wood materials into small pieces. For a more thorough and beautiful finish, therefore, hiring an NJ landscaping contractor like Scenic Landscaping remains the more viable option. A landscape company in NJ and in other places is usually manned by licensed professionals who have gone through years of education, and the necessary licensing tests. Thus, one can be assured that their knowledge in horticulture and landscape design is unparalleled. Not only can they design a yard with the right landscape architecture, they will also know which trees, shrubs, and blooms to grow and where to grow them, considering seasonality, colors, and functions."