Sunday, June 29, 2014

How Good Landscaping in NJ Homes Adds Value to Properties for Sale

"Thus, home sellers in New Jersey who want to have the advantage over the competition should pay closer attention to the state and appearance of their lawns and gardens. Admittedly, not all homeowners have green thumbs, nor do they have enough landscaping knowhow to decide which trees and flowers to grow in their gardens. Fortunately, New Jersey homeowners can rely on reputable NJ landscaping companies like Scenic Landscaping to design, build, and maintain a garden that can greatly enhance their properties’ curb appeal. There is another reason why homeowners should tap the professionals in creating a beautiful NJ landscape design. In addition to better curb appeal, the monetary value that a landscape design can add to a property may be influenced by the size, species, and rarity of the planted trees. Trees’ placement can also have a significant impact, and those that are strategically located to enhance the design of the landscape can actually bring in more money for the home seller

Friday, June 27, 2014

Call an NJ Landscaping Company for Intensive Lawn Care this Summer

"Luckily, a reliable landscaping company in NJ, like Scenic Landscaping, can be called on to lend a hand. While homeowners focus on more pressing matters, landscaping companies can work on trimming problematic trees, replanting, and doing other essential summer lawn care. In addition to restoring the health of the evergreens, one of the things landscaping experts can look out for this summer is dehydration among plants. Homeowners who have little time or skills for gardening can easily overlook this problem as the symptoms come gradually. Plants on the verge of dehydration usually have brownish, curling leaf edges and keeled over stems. "

Saturday, June 7, 2014

How Top NJ Landscapers Make their Clients Lawns Even More Stunning

A home is more than what’s inside its four walls—outdoor spaces like lawns and backyards are just as much a part of it. That’s why many people hire NJ landscapers to make these areas as stunning as their home’s interior. Of course, landscaping involves more than just laying down turf grass and planting ornamental hedges.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

NJ Landscape Company Discusses Low-Maintenance Turf Grass Alternatives

Who said that ground cover has to be green? If you want a splash of color on your lawn, you can plant elfin thyme instead. This variant of the oft-used spice grows into a solid mat of green leaves punctuated by light pink flowers in the summer. Elfin thyme is also very drought-resistant and holds up surprisingly well to foot traffic. There are many more options you can choose from, and a renowned contractor can utilize hassle-free groundcovers when they landscape your NJ lawn. Not only will your yard look great, you’ll feel great about it, too.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Important Factors to Consider in Building a Lovely Swimming Pool in NJ

Attractive pools are usually integrated into the landscape and complement a home's unique style and materials. Natural pools fitted with waterfalls and rock clusters work well with modern houses, while rectangular or oval-shaped pools look better with classic traditional brick and stone houses. It's best to seek help from NJ pool construction experts, like those from Scenic Landscaping, who can design the entire space and incorporate it with the property.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

How Skilled NJ Landscaping Pros Can Help You Take it Easy For Spring

With today’s rapid changes in the workplace, it’s not surprising that more people are finding various ways to lighten up and let go of their woes and troubles. It’s nice to have a private sanctuary where you can forget about the world, chill out and simply just be, as knowledgeable NJ landscaping technicians confirm with their years of experience.